Brandon was born and grew up in Lake Shore, on the border of Spanish Fork. He and his wife Rachel, who was born and raised in Pleasant Grove, have been married for 23 years. They have six children: Isabelle, Bennett, Emery, Claire, Stella, and Lucy.

Brandon grew up working on the family farm where he learned the value of hard work, living within a budget, making due with what you have. He spent many happy hours working with his dad and grandad. Although Brandon has chosen his career in business, the family keeps the family farm going. “I learned a lot of life lessons on that farm and it’s great to see my kids learn a lot of the same lessons.”

In business, Brandon owned and operated two Pier 49 Pizza franchises and founded Spanish Fork’s Cowboy donuts. He has since sold those businesses and has run his own independent insurance business in Springville for 13 years. He graduated from Spanish Fork Highschool and has a BA in Business Management.

“I’ve served on the Spanish Fork City Council for 11 years. As my terms near completion in 2023, I want to take my experience on the Council, along with my family and business experience, and bring some much-needed leadership and knowhow to our County. Our cities are closest to the people. We need someone that understands how to create synergy between cities and the County to really serve citizens in the best and most efficient way possible. That relationship does not have to be adversarial. We can’t simply shift expenses from County to cities to create a good talking point or campaign slogan. We must evaluate what will actually save tax dollars and serve our citizens best. I know and understand government budgets, water issues, roads, law enforcement, and other issues both from a citizen’s and government standpoint.”

Brandon enjoys coaching kids sporting events and has run 11 marathons. He continues to work on his father’s farm where they grow produce to sell at the farmers market and local grocery stores. “I think it’s important for our kids to know the value of work and where their food comes from.”