Support Law Enforcement

The safety of our communities is our most important quality of life issue. Public Safety is a core function of government and should be top priority. Our Sheriff’s Office has been innovative
and prudent in working to serve us and should be supported and valued
rather than used as a political pawn. I will:

  • Support the Sheriff in efforts to provide
    multi-faceted approach to retaining well
    trained and experienced officers.
  • Support efforts to streamline time
    consuming procedures and increase
    time in the field.
Intentional Outreach to YOU

We hear a lot about, listening, transparency, and accountability, but
a real commitment to these principles requires connecting with the people we serve on a regular basis. I will:

  • Hold quarterly townhall meetings with
  • Hold Yearly “Budget Breakdown”
    Meeting to get your feedback on priorities
  • Send out monthly email updates
  • Give every Utah County resident my personal cell number.
County Budgeting Committed to the People, Not Politics

The budget is the most important job of the County Commission. The Gordon family balances our checkbook, works together to prioritize expenses, and plans for tough times. In my businesses and as a City Councilman I’ve done the same and bring that commitment to the County Commission. I will:

  • Prioritize core functions of government and essential services first.
  • Refuse to irresponsibly cut essential budget items for political expediency while creating large expenses for the future.
  • Ensure budget cuts don’t just transfer expenses elsewhere or to our cities.
Transportation – I Understand Asphalt!

That doesn’t sound like something to brag about, unless you’re responsible for roads, then it’s invaluable. We need:

  • Scheduled road upkeep, minimizing costs in the short and long term.
  • Focused approach to traffic flow, working with cities to coordinate plans to best serve our citizens.
  • More integrated and user-friendly Public Transit.